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Check out what our customers had to say about our PostureCare Corrective Therapy Back Brace!

"This device works as advertised! When I wear it, I immediately feel less strain on my back. Within a few weeks of consistent usage, my family noticed improvements in posture. I was also finding it easier to sustain working with much less back ache. The quality of my sleep has returned to where it was before the back pains started."

-Cody Parsons

"It’s a small price to pay to get posture and back relief. The product is comfortable to wear and seems to be of good quality. Totally worth the investment. I got one for work and would recommend it to co-workers."

-Melissa Greene

"I don’t expect any device will be a long-term substitute for good exercise and workout routines for improving your back, but this device is a good starting point for back relief."

-Henry Carver

"I love this product as its light and comfortable to wear, its functional and designed well. It provides the required support to correct posture which reduces shoulder and back pain especially from long hours at the office. I highly recommend it as it's definitely helping to train me to stand straighter and help keep my shoulders back instead of slouched. I don't wear it full time, but for the several hours and from early on i hardly notice it's on at all which is great."

-Frank Martinez


"This is a really nice product. It works great and gives me support while standing, sitting, and driving. My natural posture is poor with rounded and slumped shoulders. Immediately upon trying on the brace, it helped keep my back straight. Excellent material with extra pads for armpit area. It is also adjustable and perfect for me. Highly recommend it."

- James Herman


"I had no idea how forward my shoulders were until I used this product. I ordered a large and it fit true to size. It came with pad to use under your armpits but it didn’t bother me so I didn’t use them. The corrector didn’t pull me too far back like ones my chiropractor had given me that made me sore for days. I can tell a difference in just two days of wearing it. I would buy again!"

- Allison Finley

"Works exactly as described.After trying it for almost two weeks I noticed significant changes in my posture. I have back pain due to my poor posture and have had a slight decrease in pain as well. Highly recommended."

- Rachel Givens

"Directly after using this new posture corrector, I found it very helpful and easy to use. My back pain is relieved and it gives also my shoulder great support. Indeed, it meets my expectations indeed. For these reasons, I love it and I highly recommend people without any hesitation to purchase it."

-Bob Kamisky